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I am Dev Agrawal (The name 'Dev' translates to 'God', but I don't let that get to my head :P ). I am a fifth-year Information Technology major at the University of Cincinnati. I am also a software developer, and currently I work at the UC IT Solutions Center.

I was introduced into this world on the 9th of May 1999, the last summer of the millennium, in the beautiful and diverse country of India. I was born to highly socially active parents, with a large age gap between me and all of my older cousins, including my brother. These factors made me a very socially-awkward person. So I spent most of my life trying to overcome my social anxiety, but never truly succeeded.

I got interested into the field of computer science very early, when my brother introduced my to something called "C++". The power of making a computer do whatever I wanted through text commands felt amazing. That's when my love of learning kicked in, which made me spend hours everyday learning about programming and software development. School was boring, so I had a lot of time to dedicate to my newfound love.

I am a problem solver. I have always been attracted to puzzles and riddles. I like how they compel you to move all the gears of your brain for one purpose - search for a solution. And successfully finding the solution is highly rewarding. This is why I was attracted to the Information Technology program - most of it is problem solving.

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